50 Skills Every Woman Should Know – Part 1

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You are reading this perhaps because you are a lady…and will like to improve in your skills…but believe me…You know more than I do on this subject, so dearie, kindly drop your additions to my skill list in the comment section below.

So shall i begin with……

1. Sewing

You really never know when you might need this skill.sewing materials

You do not need to know how to paddle a sewing machine, but you need to know how to use your needle and thread. All too often, I am in the middle of getting dressed when I see that the hem of my dress has tucked out, and needs tacking.

sewing machine

Sometimes too, our clothes, especially the kids, may tear slightly, or one may lose a button. It will save you time and money, if you could simply fix it.

2. Cooking

Some ladies may disagree with me on this. Many are not the kitchen type, cooking isn’t their passion, trying new recipes isn’t their favorite past – time, yet I strongly feel that every woman should know how to prepare a simple meal. In Africa though, women have the responsibility of preparing dishes for the family, it is rarely viewed as a unisex chore. And many ladies cannot stand watching their men cook for them, because they think it takes a lot away from their feminity.

serving a dish

Well, just like me, spending a lot of time in the kitchen may not be your thing….but learning basic cooking skills is nearly a must. Anyways, I admire women who know their ‘onions’ as far as culinary skills are concerned….whether cooking for herself, for her family or for a large gathering, and i know am not the only one who does.

3. Baking

This is similar to cooking. Every woman should know how to bake even bread…for a great breakfast.

I never learnt to bake from home, even though my mom baked…I guess maybe cos i left home too early to University or while at home I was too bookish. But as I got married, I started trying several baking recipes. None turned out a failure, even though an expert may consider it so. If the flour was too much in the cake…. I call it rock cake / cookie cake. And if the dough didn’t increase, I l call it unleavened bread, if my puff puff, didn’t rise, I call it ‘dear stubborn puff’. My kids, hubby and I ate them all the same.

The mistake I made with those trials were that I didn’t keep notes, nor document the measurements I used, so as to figure out where the miscalculations emanated from…..but I am glad that after all….i am a lot better with cakes, bread, buns, etc, than I used to be. Thanks to ‘Mama google’, it became a lot easier to learn how to do this or that on your own, even watch video guides as well.

But frankly, when I need a well-made and decorated cake…I rush off to an expert, professional pastry chef.







My cake

3. Driving

Everyone should know how to drive, woman or not. It’s a valuable skill, you never know when you will need it. Also it is necessary to learn to drive whether or not you own a car personally. There were the early days in my marriage when I didn’t know how to drive, and my hubby who drives was the one in need of emergency medical care..You can only imagine the panic. And why do such situations like happening at nights? … I don’t know. That can be a terrible situation especially if you leave in an isolated area with fewer neighbors.

every woman should drive

4. How to Haggle Prices or Find the Best Bargains

Oh dear! I thought I knew the drills until I recently went to market with a friend. She reminded me of the experiences I had, going to the market with my mother, in those days. You won’t believe that I and this my new friend spent nearly five hours in the market for not up to 11 small items…things that were not hard to find even. She took me round the whole market, until I started becoming afraid that the market women may gang up against us and decide not to sell to us eventually. She priced many items repeatedly, she tasted the oil to be sure it was the good one, she smelt the fishes to be sure they weren’t stale, she felt the veggies to be sure they were not tough, she licked sample oranges to ensure they were sweet, nearly did she taste salt to be sure its really salty enough….lol. Wow, babe I doff my cap for you. She even asked the sellers, the particular towns where they sourced their goods from, so that she will be certain that they were what she wanted. The good part was that at the end …. it was well worth it, our monies were well spent.

You may not be like my friend, but you sure should know how to identify good sales at good prices.

5. Packing

I know that one very well. Packing….haba… I have moved across states, and countries at different times…and I have a fairly large family.

It’s amazing how much more you can fit in a small bag when you pack it properly. From rolling in clothes instead of folding to stuffing things inside shoes to free more packing space. I and my family have moved severally, many a times, on low budget ….so I’ve had to make do with few boxes while not bursting their zippers. It helps to pack related items that belongs to a particular room together in a room-labeled box, in that way, unpacking and re-settling stuffs is made easier… Also, I usually make a list of items in a particular box, and place the list inside one of the side part if the boxes, to make finding things stress-free…

I guess I need to write an article dedicated to ‘How to pack more stuffs into boxes’, ‘cos I am feeling like an expert right now.

6. Dress for the occasion

It’s always nice to dress properly for an event. There’s nothing worse than going to a traditional wedding in a casual top and trousers when everyone is decked in a colorful Ankara piece, lace or other subtly gorgeous outfit.

Oh yea, I was talking about myself, I had to learn the hard way. Talking about that occasion, I didn’t even realize that something was wrong until my mother kept nudging me to go change into a dress as the occasion has begun…..as if I was naked already. Meanwhile, I was already set in my casuals…Oh I felt odd, and unreasonable.

But now! No way…  am not a cloths freak but I must attend that event wearing the suitable dress or I stay home. https://dearmama360.com/i-learnt-to-dress-for-the-occasion/

Read more on this article soonest….

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