Hey, how did you find me here?

Well, You are warmly welcome to my blog!

In this my little space, you will feel the pulse of an African Canadian caught in the middle of two worlds. 

Lets get to know each other, ‘cos I am really very excited to meet you.

I have a passion….. to Share, Connect and Inspire Women around the Globe; this I express through writing.

I am an imperfect mama of four lovely kids. Through motherhood, I pursued a career in academics, and by age 33, I had obtained a Doctoral degree, had a career as a University Lecturer in a medical school, traveled round the world but guess what, am still in love with sticking around the house.

So I welcome you to come ride with me on this boat, as we share our experiences, joys, fears, and rewards of being a today’s woman.

With love and gratitude