Dealing with my Child’s Tantrums

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You child is having a meltdown, throwing tantrums….and you can’t seem to put a finger to it.

You know he is not sick, it is not hunger, tiredness and need to use the washroom!

Then what you can do?

  1. Be understanding. Your child is not a miniature adult. Having little experience in dealing with his emotions, he may overreact when he is upset. Try to see the situation through his eyes.
  2. Stay calm. When your child is having a tantrum, losing your temper will not help. To the extent possible, ignore the tantrum and react calmly.
  3. Hold your ground. If you give in to whatever it is your child is demanding, he will likely throw another tantrum the next time he wants something. Calmly show your child that you mean what you say.
  4. Be patient. Do not expect tantrums to disappear overnight, especially if you have given your child reason to believe that his behavior will sway you. If you react properly and consistently, however, the tantrums will likely diminish. Eventually, they will stop altogether.
  5. Designate an area where you can put your child when he has a tantrum, depending on his age. Tell him that he may come out when he has calmed down, and then leave him there. To learn more about triggers of tantrums in preschoolers click here
  6. If your child has a tantrum in public, remove him from the view of others. Do not give in just because he is making a spectacle. That will only leave your child with the message that by throwing a tantrum, he can get whatever he wants.
However, some kids are just like that. And because kids differ from one to the other, one prone to tantrums may not change until he outgrows it. In the meantime, show him lots of love, care and patience. In some cases, such kids grow up to be sensitive, caring, mild – tempered and successful.
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