Get Baby Fat Off!

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“The Baby Has Come, But My Great Body Is Gone”.

“I boasted that soon after ‘dropping’ my baby, I will resume workout, burn all baby fat and regain my fit and trim body, but now I see its easier said than done”.lose baby fat

This is the reality, a rude awakening that many new moms have to deal with.

Usually on return from the hospital following childbirth, a new mother feels freer, lighter and slimmer except for the slightly protruding but flat tummy.

But as she begins to nurse her baby, rest up, and eat the traditional African post-partum diet, she tends to regain weight.

After childbirth and during breastfeeding, most women assume the Straight Body or Inverted Triangle Body shape, where the bust line and hips are basically same size and the waist line may not be well defined.

However, there’s one bit of the body that all new mums should be exercising regularly: the pelvic floor (the hammock-like layer of muscles that support the bladder, uterus, and bowel).

Why Kegels:

  • Keep leaky bladders at bay
  • Improve satisfaction during sex

Low impact exercises such as slow walking is also recommended.

Be sure to walk gently and slowly. It helps to wear a sports shoe to minimize the impact of the walk on the pelvic floor and on the feet too.

good running shoes

Well-fitting sports bra too. Stop at the first sign of breathlessness and dizziness.

Avoid ‘high-impact’ activities such as running for a while, because your ligaments and joints are still vulnerable.

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