Green Tea Vs Black Tea, Which one is Better?

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Green Tea versus Black Tea, Which One Is Better?

First of all, do you know that green and black tea are made from the same leaves? – Yes the Camellia sinensis plant. The difference in the teas is only due to their varying methods of preparation.
Green tea vs Black tea
To make black tea, the leaves are first exposed to air to kick start fermentation. The leaves are then left to become dark brownish in color, this process intensifies the flavors of black tea in comparison to the green tea.
Conversely, green tea is pan-fried to prevent fermentation and preserve its natural colour, and this is why the leaves has a much lighter and greenish color than black tea.
But as far as health benefits are concerned, both types of tea make a great addition to your diet, but because of the slight difference in their nutrient content, they vary a little in the health benefits they offer.

Green tea vs Black Tea

Both green and black tea are rich in protective antioxidants called polyphenols. They both contain flavonoids, a subgroup of polyphenols, having anti – cancer and heart friendly properties.
However, green tea contains a higher amount of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), whereas black tea is a rich source of theaflavins.
They both contain caffeine but in varying quantities. Green tea contains only about one-quarter of the caffeine that coffee has, and contains less caffeine that black tea does. Green tea contains 9 – 50 mg of caffeine per cup, while black tea contains about 42 – 72 mg of caffeine.
Caffeine as we know it, can boost alertness, mood, and productivity. But excessive consumption of caffeine is also associated with insomnia, restlessness, muscle tremors, rapid heartbeat, stomach upset and even anxiety.
Black tea and coffee are more acidic. Mild black tea needs lemon to reduce the acidity. Some research reports that black teas can hydrate the body and boost the immune system with bacteria-fighting antioxidants. It can also promotes blood flow to the brain and help with fat burning. It sure does help improves focus and concentration due to the caffeine content.
And if you will like to try the black tea, then be ready for its strong flavors and taste.
Green teas are aromatic and largely energy boosting. Good for the mornnings!
Popular varieties of black tea includes English breakfast, Darjeeling, Keemun, Earl Grey, Irish breakfast and Masala chai, Ceylon tea, Assam. I love Earl grey.

green tea vs black tea

Green tea is useful as an addition to proper diet and exercise, if weight loss is desired. Drinking green tea, n its own does not do magic to body fat, but along with proper diet, it works by increasing body s metabolism.
Green tea creates a detoxifying effect, giving you glowing skin, boosted metabolism and stronger immunity. Green tea offers more anticancer and cardiovascular benefits than does black tea. Green tea, in my opinion has a ‘grassy’ and bitter taste, that makes it hard for me to smile while gulping it down. But that is nothing, compared to its great health benefits.
I guess there are more green teas in the market than black tea. I have seen the Dragonwell, Qualitea, Yogi, Harney and sons citron tea, Acai, Lipton green tea, Sencha, Legends, Tim hortons, Tetley, Pure Leaf, Twinings, Pi Lo Chun, Eco valley, Our finest jasmine, Steep etc….and I love them all. And one good thing about the teas, is the varieties. One tea can have several flavors to choose from, so definitely, there is something for everyone!

green tea vs black tea

So, green tea vs black tea….the winner is completely dependent on you, your preference, your choice…

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