I am not a Super Mom

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I wish I am, but I am not…

Am just the best Mom I can be, to my wonderful kids.

Here are my definitions of a super – mom.

  1. She drops and picks kids from school herself, at least most of the times
  2. She makes dinner on time
  3. She bakes cakes herself for family events.
  4. She never argues with her hubby in front of the kids.
  5. She never loses her temper and yells at her kids.
  6. She gets her children to greet others respectfully, always.
  7. She reads bedtime stories to kids every other night.
  8. She shops for the family herself
  9. She cooks for the family herself, her family rarely eats out
  10. Her kids go to bed on time, all the time.
  11. Her family always arrives early to events
  12. She never forgets to pack children’s lunch boxes
  13. She always has tissue rolls or wipes on hand every time
  14. She has a first aid kit at home
  15. She mops the floor twice a week for her toddler
  16. Never runs out of salt
  17. Buys gifs for her children teachers on teacher’s day
  18. Lays breakfast table the night before
  19. Checks and trims her children’s nails before every Monday morning
  20. Checks and brushes her 5 year old teeth once each week
  1. Dresses her matrimonial bed on time every night
  2. Sorts clothes before washing
  3. Washes vegetables before slicing not the other way round
  4. She makes her baby food herself (mashed fruits and veggies; cereals – corn, millet e.t.c.).
  5. Spreads clothes on the back side
  1. Looks fabulous all the time
  2. Chooses and arranges her husband’s work clothes as he enters the shower each morning
  3. Wins best staff in her workplace every other year
  4. Cooks her husband’s favorite at least once every week
  5. Changes baby nappy right on time
  6. Maintains a regular workout routine

Please give me your additions or subtractions to this list..

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