I Learnt to Dress for the Occasion

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It’s always nice to dress properly for an event. There’s nothing worse than going to an African Traditional Wedding in a casual top and trousers when everyone is decked in a colorful Ankara piece, lace or other subtly gorgeous outfit.
Oh yea, I was talking about myself, I had to learn the hard way. Talking about that occasion, I didn’t even realize that something was wrong until my mother kept nudging me to go change into a dress as the occasion has begun…..as if I was naked already.
But now! No way… am not a cloths freak but I must attend that event wearing the suitable dress or I stay home.
Is it sports, then I have to wear my T-shirt, polo, jeans, sneakers etc
Or is it a Wedding? Oh I love gowns for weddings…..but not a white gown for an English wedding, I usually believe, white is for the bride. Stone studded earrings, necklaces, sandals and purses are lovely accessories for a wedding occasion.
African weddings are always colourful, usually a melting point of different towns and tribes. It is always about aso-ebi, gele, agbada, buba, lace, stoned Ankara etc. So you need to look gorgeous, giving prior thought to your color combination. As in, your accessories (slippers, purse, beads, gele, earings etc) must be in sync with your dress. You may choose to dress to the wedding theme and color or not. Close relatives to the bride and groom usually have a way of dressing unique or in uniform to identify them. Makeup artists and gele experts are usually around to up the ladies beauty game. Its a beautiful sight!

African weddings

Cocktail – Little black dress with red, silver or gold accesories, knee-length satin skirt, heels, armful of stacked glittering bangles and matching earrings. I am not so much of a necklace type.
 little black dress
Dinner Party – Floor-length bright colored gown, with glittering or dangling jewels, up-do hairstyle
Business Dinner – Trousers, shirt, or blouse with blazer.
Job interview – I have attended so many job interviews that I now know some of the secrets. Your dressing matters – No casuals or jeans except you were told so by your prospective employer.
Dress corporately, but no overdressing as though you are the boss. Appear well groomed, clean, ironed clothes…hair neatly packed not flying all over the face. Your attire should reflect that you are disciplined and serious minded. So it’s best you leave off too much makeup and dangling jewelries. I can be old fashioned sometimes…pardon me… so I also like to see a prospective employee wear a time keeping watch (not fashion watch), that tells me that she values time…. I may be wrong though…. but it’s my psychology.
Meeting the In-Laws or First Date Appearance – Well before u kill me….na my personal advice I dey publish o…And you know, I am so entitled to my opinion, but please let me hear your own take in the comments section, just below. Thanks.
So back to me… I prefer dressing true to my personality, but at the same time, playing safe, especially if I really want this guy.
So on my first meeting with my husband’s people, I chose a dress that made me feel great about myself (personally I don’t like trying trying new things on such occasions , I mean wearing a dress for the first time on such events except I am doubly sure the dress is lit)
So I wore this lilac colored gown with moderate heel and a purse. A stylish look mixed with a kinda too much book person look. And that’s exactly my world….i love books and academics…. And I also like shakara….wondering how the two world mixes….someday I will talk about that.
My advice: Which dress have you gotten a lot of compliments on? Start with that!
Its best to avoid raising eye brows on first dates…..you know, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’… ‘first impressions are lasting impressions”.

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