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I am only a ‘Keto-Admirer’…..

Am really interested in losing weight, but I don’t have the time and energy to enroll in a gym. I just want a diet plan that will do the wonders, I have tried many and never succeeded in shedding weight. I tried home workout routines… aerobics, weight lifting…it’s been rewarding although the results are not as dramatic and obvious as I want. But I really need to fling back, the fats around my waist, thighs and arms… I need to get my swag back, look leaner and younger. But I couldn’t help but notice the many ‘before and after’ weight loss pictures posted in Facebook by adherents of the Ketogenic lifestyle.

I won’t fail to mention the new buzzing words, which weren’t very familiar to me until I started stalking keto followers, did you say… Mint leaf, Stevia, Psylium Husk, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Flour Cake… and yes even, Cream of Tartar, Bullet Proof Coffee, Zero Carb Seasoning, Chia Seed, Flaxseed.

Who fat don Help?

Keto is Bae

Keto Rocks Keto,

All the way Keto on, my peeps

And what is more, the sudden increase in the price of Coconuts, Lemon and Avocado Pear (in my locality), which may not be unconnected to increase in demand by ketogenic lifestyle group members.

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