Six Steps to Getting Your Kids Involved in Household Chores

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If you are convinced as I am that getting children involved in doing household chores helps them develop positive mindset, become responsible and acquire important skills that will see them through life, then the question is:

How do I start?

  1. Begin Early
There is no specified age recommendation. Some parents start sending their kids on errands as early as 2 or 3 years.
  1. Start Small
Teaching children to take responsibility is like building a house. Lay a foundation by your own example and start small by small as if you are building brick upon brick. You can start with getting the kids to put away all toys scattered all around the house, after a playing session.
  1. Make family chores time… fun!

Some families enjoy singing while doing chores, or playing music. A mother uses a favorite children rhyme to motivate her 20-month daughter to pick up and shelve her toys after playing….‘Pieces of Paper, Pieces of Paper, Everywhere, Everywhere, Wherever You see them, Pick them Up, Pick them Up’.
However, care should be taken so that work environment is kept safe. It will be unwise to let the kids play on wet tiled floors or near fire, or even in the kitchen.
  1. Let the Chores be Age – Appropriate
A two year old child may be able to bring a plastic material for the parents. A three year old child may be able to wipe the floor. A ten year old child may be able to wash his socks.
  1. Learn to be Patient
Children will most likely take a longer time to finish a chore than you would desire. But it is better to patiently wait on the child and resist the urge to take over the task except you now feel that the chores is overwhelming the child. Remember that your goal is to help your child become responsible and hardworking and not to score him on accuracy or speed. It helps to take a memory trip down the lane, of when you were tender in age, and the many mistakes you made along the way. This has helped many parents become more empathetic.
  1. Be ready to Clean the Mess
Chores by children may end up in a mess, causing even more chores. Be vigilant and determine when it is best to take over, if you must.
  1. Be cheerful while you work
This helps the children to develop the right attitude to work and to appreciate the dignity in labor. Remember that in all you do, set the right example! Conversely, if you complain and sigh while working, they are likely to sulk as well, when asked to work around the house.
  1. Supervise
It is a huge load off your hands if your 5 – 6 year old learns to brush her teeth and bath herself, but if left unsupervised for many weeks, you may be less pleasantly surprised that someday while outside in the public, you will notice her stained teeth with plaques as well, or she may have developed skin infection on her back, under armpits, even on the face…Oh it is so easy for kids to forget scrubbing the face.

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