Lessons I learnt – Three weeks in Keto

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Here Are The 9 Lessons I Learned While I Was Eating The Keto – Way…

  1. Excess Calories Intake Is The Real Culprit – Counting calories is simply taking account of the energy you take in as food into your body. It is rarely 100% accurate, but serves as a guide into how much you energy your body really need as against how much you actually take in daily. Even in keto, it’s helpful to count calories, if your goal is to lose weight within a considerable time.
If you thought like I once did that you while in ketosis, you are free to eat without looking back, you are in for a big surprise!

Keto taught me that ‘nothing good comes easy’.
Weight Loss is brought about by determination, self-discipline and hard work.
Thus I have learnt that, regardless of the weight management diet or exercise regimen you are currently in, there must be a calorie deficit. This means that you must consistently eat fewer calories than you are expending.
Energy Stored (Weight Gain) = Calorie Intake – Calorie Expended
So there is weight loss when Calorie Expended > Calorie Intake
The only peculiar thing about a high fat diet, is that once you are fat-adapted, you are even less hungry, you become sensitive to the satiety hormone (leptin) once again and so you eat less as well. High-fat diets are satiating, very filling and also ketones have a dampening effect on appetite.
  1. Didn’t Know I Could Drink Such Large Volume Of Water, Daily! – And it seems to me that the more I drank water, the quicker my excess weight falls off. I was getting incredibly thirstier in ketosis, which is a metabolic demand resulting from breakdown of fat. I have always known that water suppresses appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat, but I never really got myself to drink this much.
During this keto journey of mine, I always had a glass cup full of water on my desk whilst working. Even when it seemed like I was hungry, I reached out for a glass of water first before eating, in that way, I consistently ate less.
I drank so much water (approx. 300cl or 101 Oz of water daily), not minding that it made me pee more often than I usually do. Also, I guess, my skin benefited as well, it stayed rehydrated and youthful, compliments on how young I looked…. kept pouring in.
And of course, you know what compliments does to a woman’s psyche!
Yes drink, drink and drink lots of water……whether on a keto diet or not…water is the healthiest drink…its calorie – free!
Your hydration level is directly proportional to your rate of body metabolism (rate at which your body uses up energy). This means that if you drink more water, you will rev up your metabolism and vice versa.
  1. Yeast Infections – This is one of my biggest lessons in keto. 3 out of 4 women get at least one vaginal yeast infection in their lives; nearly 50% have more than two infections in a year and about 5-8% have chronically recurring symptoms of vaginal yeast infection (four or more in a single year).
Have you been having recurrent vaginal yeast infections? Have you been treating and re-treating candidiasis? Does it still reoccur even after you have taken all precautions regarding vaginal care, hygiene and appropriate underwear?
Check your diet! I mean it….Check your Diet!!! You may be eating too much carbohydrate.
Begin with eliminating bread, biscuits, all flour based snacks, candies, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, milk and other diary based beverages….you can even close in more on rice, spaghetti, yam, cassava and foods derived from it.
Then re-introduce yoghurt, plain unsweetened yoghurt.
You will be amazed at the disappearance of the infection!
  1. Libido – Ah you don’t go there! Keto diet fires up female libido in just a matter of weeks. In keto diet, healthy fat options (fish oil, butter and lard from wild caught meat, avocado oil, coconut oil and extra-virgin olive oil) are the main constituents, and these fats improve absorption of vitamin D, a precursor for sex hormones. Thus, keto diet helps to maintain a perfect balance of the sex hormones as well as other hormones such as insulin cortisol.
The increase in libido, may not also be unconnected to the increase in energy experienced in ketosis.
  1. Increased Energy Levels – Granted a high carbohydrate meal provides the cells quick glucose (energy), however, if the diet is predominantly simple sugars, it will provide a sudden drop in energy following a high surge. This is the reason why one tends to crave for more and more carbs once you are eating large quantities already.
This is worse when you are under stress and have given in to emotional eating. You find that you can gulp down a jumbo-sized bread, fried ripe plantains, yam, and potatoes e.t.c., all in a sitting. The more you eat the more you reach out for some more.
Too Bad! …Once I found myself gulping down all the biscuits that I bought for one week lunch box packing for my kids. Or is it the chocolates! …. Over time, this behavior can become regular and turn into an addiction….yes, sugar (carb) addiction.
Therefore, while a high-carbohydrate diet spins your energy up and down (blood sugar roller coaster), a ketogenic diet doesn’t cause blood sugar spike that lead to hunger and cravings, rather it ‘steadies blood sugar levels, providing slow, sustained all-day energy so you’re focused, energized and fulfilled’.
Yes for real! Can’t believe I lost my sweet tooth, my cravings….
It also does seem to me, that once I got into ketosis, my brain became clearer, more focused, my thought flowed seamlessly. Well, this may be due to a combination of factors.
  1. That Eggs Are One Of Earth’s Most Nutrient Dense Food
Eggs are High-Quality Source of Protein, containing all of the essential amino acids. One large hard-boiled egg contains 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of total fat, 1.7 grams of saturated fat and 212 milligrams of cholesterol. Eggs are also a good source of vitamins B12 and E, folic acid, iron and zinc. It also contains antioxidants. It is a good example of a nutrient-dense foods that is also low in calories. Eggs contain sufficient amount of choline which helps in improving cognitive function.
egg in ketogenic diet
  1. And To Think Only 20g of A 100g Of Beans Is Protein!
No wonder, I didn’t grow tall after all, upon all the beans my mother forced down my throat. If only she gave me more meat, chicken and eggs.
My mother is not the only defaulter here….My Primary school teacher taught me that beans
are proteins….
Anyways, beans are proteinous and are super foods too, however they contain carb (63g) and dietary fiber (16g) per 100g.
Therefore, beans are a no-no in keto lifestyle.
  1. Make your own meals so as to be sure of the contents.
Limit eating out and processed foods as well. Food industries, Restaurants and Fast foods outlets usually add lots of sugar and several other unhealthy ingredients, which they may not own up to in the food labels. So keto taught me to read food labels but not to trust them.
  1. Meal prep – Keto taught me to give prior thought to what i am going to eat, ahead of time. Meal Prep is one of the potent secretes to staying faithful to a weight loss diet program. Keto taught me to meal prep on weekends so that I will be better able to stick with the weight-loss diet plan, effect portion control and make healthy choices.
However, to experience these wonderful benefits, you have to transverse ‘seven seas, seven oceans’ (the keto – flu).
Read about: Keto flu and you how you can overcome it
Disclaimer: The above write-up is based on personal experiences…..do consult with your health professional before embarking on a special diet.
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