Living Abroad -The Untold Truth

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Reasons Africans leave their homeland to a foreign country:

  • Get a good life

  • Better quality of life

  • Better security

  • Better education

  • To make more money

  • To feel important

  • Better Healthcare

Well sometimes it does seem like many of those ‘abroad dreams’ get fulfilled eventually. The best part of living abroad, really is that you will feel rich once you travel back home. This may not be true completely. However, the untold truth is that many people abroad are stuck and they tell lies about their living conditions.

They switch off their phones on you, or ignore your calls because they can’t tell you they are broke and you won’t even believe them, if they told you so. Or haven’t you noticed that your friends and relatives abroad are more likely to pick your calls if you have never asked them for money?

So it’s not like, they don’t like keeping in touch with home, but they are very busy, paying their bills. Many of the people here are suffering in silence, and can’t speak out. Stuck…. yes Stuck….but is it easier back home?….I do not think so either. They say it is condition that made crayfish bend. So it is hardship, insecurity, and the suffering back home that force people to become immigrants in foreign lands.

Lies people tell you about living abroad

  1. Money is easy to find, as if you can pick them on the street

  2. Let me get there first, I go survive

  3. There are no rats here…lol

  4. There are no dirt on the streets

  5. There are no suffering here (it reminds me of the song….’suffering and smiling’)

People look fresh because the environment is good and temperate, also cameras here are of higher quality…its like the camera knows dirt when it sees it, and it converts it to flower….don’t quote me o.

If you ask my opinion on whether you should leave your well- paid jobs to travel abroad, I won’t give you an answer, because you won’t believe what I will tell you. You will say I’ve crossed a bridge and want to kick away the ladder.

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But be warned…. Facebook doesn’t show the fears ‘abroadians’ are battling with, the emotional stress one is dealing with, nor the hardship, one is going through. After all, the pictures any one ever gets to post is his best….more so when you have an image to keep up. Personally I post only my best pictures, in the best environment, and best posing. I delete the pictures revealing my challenges and save only ‘compliant’ pictures. I crop out things I don’t want you to see and that’s life. If only Naija will learn to ‘package’ as other countries do.

No one talks about how lonely, how scared, how unsettling it can be out here!

We don’t paint our pictures right!

Abroad residents are experts in image laundering!

So next time, you ask of dollar and didn’t get, don’t conclude they are stingy, they may simply, be broke!

They live paycheck to paycheck, make just enough money to pay bills, No disposable income.

Paying bills upandan…only air is free …and I hope it will continue to be. Well, life is a bit secured, valued and organized abroad. Again that’s why, Africans are trooping out to foreign lands. But wherever you are, be good and be happy!

Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comment section. Cheers!!

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

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