Mom’s Little Secret… Part 1

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Which is your Mom’s Favorite Bank?

My mom’s own is ‘Sofa Bank Limited’.

Oh yea, she believes that as far as money is concerned, “Out of sight is out of mind”. So she always hid money inside sofa and edges of mattresses.

Growing up, I remember mom bringing a new dress or shoe, asking us to try it on. This usually happens when my daddy isn’t around. And thereafter, we will not see those stuffs again till an occasion arises, sometimes, months later.

When I became a mother, I found myself doing the same.

Why: My dad and coincidentally too, many husbands will give you money to shop a week before the event. And they will be cross at you, if the items bought were not ‘best-buys’, even though you rarely had enough time.

So just like my mom, I buy what the family needs (non – perishable), when I hear of discounts, when i see a very nice thing, when a friend travels abroad, or when I see the best price.

I hide these, (sorry about how this sounds), only to bring them out later when I have been given the money to shop….and I replace my stashed away monies….and the cycle continues…

What do you think about me? Please drop your comment below, i really love to read them …

Does your mom stash away money? Where is her favorite ‘bank junction’, inside empty tins with lids, kept in the kitchen shelf as with salt and other condiments?

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