9 Great Ways to Make Money Online

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Are you embracing the new future? You can start now by working online and make real money. The internet would continue to change how we live our lives and do businesses. Even if you go to the office you can make some extra cash working at home. All you need is to put your computer to work and explore the great internet opportunities around you from the comfort of your home.

1. Start blogging
If you love to write, tell stories or share ideas, this one is for you, Blogging! And good enough, there are several websites with information to guide one who desires to set up a blogging site. Blogging can be a major stream of income for you. All you need is passion, interest, dedication and consistency; and for sure, a laptop and internet connection. It is thrilling to watch traffic buildup for your blog, thousands of readers streaming in day after day to read and even shop from your website – the world of digital marketing. There are many websites that can be of help. You may like to use wix.

2. Selling on amazon
You probably have been hearing the buzz about people making money through the Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) platform. This is real, it is a great news here, if you know what I mean. Yes, profitable business done from the comfort of your home! You may want to Click here to begin.

3. Online surveys
Participating in a survey and getting paid for it. Many online platforms conduct surveys and pay for it, this may be in form of gift cards or outright cash. Such sites include Daily rewards, Pinacone Research, Ipsos i-Say, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks.

4. Make money while you shop
Nothing can be more soothing than knowing that as you spend your hard-earned money there are cash backs. Just downloading some apps can make this a regular reality. Some top sites to select from, depending where you live the US or Canada, include Rakuten, Drop, Paymi, Checkout51, Swagbucks, TopCashback, Caddle.

5. Online English Teaching
Earn up to 25$ per hour from teaching English online. There is an ever-growing demand for an online tutor to teach the English language to Chinese students via the internet. Your bachelor’s degree and steady internet connection are all that is needed. Top sites for this job include: Vipkid, Tutorme, Skooli, Teachparttime, Cambly.

6. Become a writer
You can become a freelance online writer and earn between 24$ and 100$ per article. The important thing here is that you do not need a degree to be one, just your flair for writing could earn you some cool income. Your earning will not remain static as it is bound to grow as you become more experienced in writing. You can check out the following sites and get started: Upwork, Freelancer, fiverr.

7. Virtual Assistant Job
With the exploding use of internet and online businesses, a new growing job opportunity has started appearing on the horizon – Virtual Assistants. VAs work remotely using the internet for individuals and businesses. The tasks could be administrative, data entry or presentation, managing emails, etc. Gina can take you to step by step on how to run a resourceful VA business.

8. Pet sitter
Do you love to care for animals – this can be an excellent source of income! People get paid to pet sit, walk dogs even boarding and daycare services for pets. Rover is an excellent site to check out as many vacationers need people to care for their dogs while they enjoy their holidays.

9. Transcriber
Acute listening skills can earn you a great deal of income. Opportunities abound as Transcribers, a job you can do from the comfort of your home. Quite a number of companies are in need of individuals that transcribe audio to text. You mayclick here.

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