Recharge your Marital Intimacy

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Have you seen a married couple, best described as ‘love – birds’, always caught happy, connected to each other, stealing glances and sharing hearty glee…. even though they are well-along in marriage?

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Most often than not, the secret is that their relationship is sailing with a full tank of sexual connection, battery life of intimacy filled to the brim, basket full of memories of ecstasy in their bedroom corner.
But how did they maintain their first love to the extent that it blossomed regardless of life’s ups and downs… raising kids…. changing body frame, etc?

Have you ever seen a couple quarrel fiercely at 3:00 am, and cracking laughter at 5:00 am? Yes, the beauty of the bond of love and strong emotional connection!

For women:
Sexual prowess is directly linked to a husband’s ego, so if you must tell him that his low libido is beginning to frustrate you, you should rehearse your words through and through.
Bear in mind, most husbands wants to be the man in everything including intimacy in marriage, so he is obviously not happy with himself.
Nagging, complaining and demeaning him will only worsen the situation and drive him farther away.
So be the therapist you are!
Encourage, commend, praise him and remind him of times when he was great at it!
By all means, don’t criticize or crush his ego.
Make him know that you are asking for more because you desire and long for him.
Make him feel like a mam.
Loving husbands are happier when they can beat their chests knowing that their wives are sexually fulfilled.

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For Men:
Women are generally more romantic than men, they tend to prefer affection and foreplay more than the actual act. Even at that, it gives them real pleasure to please their husband in bed. So, be understanding, study her and learn her.
Always try to be in the know as to what she is dealing with at the moment.
Encourage her to get help with household chores if she is overwhelmed. Fatigue is a libido-killer.

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Hormonal changes that are frequent in the life of a child bearing woman may make her less eager about sex or the other way round. For example, women who are approaching menopause often notice that their libido plummets. Pre – menstrual days usually are an all-time low for many, whereas she is on top of her game by mid-cycle. Birth control pills also causes low-libido in some women.
No matter what stage of life or circumstances she is in, lots of love, empathy, care, attention, sincerity of heart, oneness of purpose and commitment to the sacredness of marriage… work more than aphrodisiac pills. They are tips to keep recharging your marital intimacy.


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