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Proven Tips to Help You Decide On the Right School for Your Child

Hello guys, I am back from the school search expedition….
I garnered a few points that can help me decide on whether my kids remain in the school they were or whether I need to change school for them.
The factors I considered are seven spoon-fulls ……
  1. Proximity – Really, this is different strokes for different folks. While some like to commute quite a distance if that is what is required to access a good school, others do not fancy that stress, they will rather choose the best school in the area.
Well, whatever rocks ya’ world….
However, long distance commute to school incurs a little bit of stress on the parents and more especially the kids. If you live in a city where there is usually traffic congestion, the stress is a lot more overt. It also infringes on time management principles, for example staying on traffic for a total of 1 hours 45 minutes is a lot of waste of precious time. This option suits parents that also commute far for their secular work or business, in which case, everybody goes out at the same time, or families where – in one of the parents is a ‘stay-at-home’.
My heart go out to parents who are not finding it easy but have no option than to ‘travel’ daily to a far school because there are no suitable options within their locality. They can make this commute-time, quality -time, by using such opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions with their kids.
But if you are like me who likes to pop into my kids’ school during teaching periods ….. Then, a near school will be your best bet.
I have had to tell myself severally, that I do not have to do things the way my mother did then……my mother will from time to time, come to our school, chat up the teachers, ask a few questions and make some observations. This was because our school was only about 3 poles away from our house. This afforded her the opportunity of having a tighter relationship with our teachers.
Stronger ties with the school means better cooperation in helping you actualize your dream for your child.
  1. Location – By this I mean, where the school is situated. Near a gas station, an industry, a market, on a busy highway, inside a quiet residential area, in an isolated area. It’s wise to give this a serious thought to limit the risk of insecurity, hazards, crime and unfortunate situations that may arise. I prefer a school located in residential area which makes for a more conducive learning environment.
  2. Student Teacher ratio – This helps you to assess how much individual / personalized attention a child receives in the school. I went to school with 24 kids per teacher and others with 30 – 40 kids per teacher.
Please pay attention to this little mathematics:
(Remember every second counts)
School A
School B
Has an average of 20 pupils in a class headed by a teacher
Has an average of 30 pupils in a class headed by a teacher
The class teacher spend a total of 7 hours each day with the pupils (7:30am – 2:30pm)
The class teacher spend a total of 7 hours each day with the pupils (7:30am – 2:30pm)
Each pupil in school A, receives an estimated 21 minutes of personalized time with the class teacher.
Each pupil in school B, receives an estimated 14 minutes of personalized time with the class teacher.
Student: Teacher ratio of more than 25: 1 is high and less than standard.
I think that classes for grade 2 and below, should have teacher’s aids or minders. These do not necessarily need to hold degrees or certification. They only need to be caring, hygiene – minded and dutiful help to the class teachers.
Feel free to use the comment box, if you disagree with my thoughts……
Teacher Professionalism Rating – You have to find a way to assess the professionalism skills of your child’s teacher. It is said that ‘teachers matter — even more than we think’, but I will like to ad that ‘well-paid teachers matter even more’. Teachers who are well-motivated are more inclined to give of their best to the course of educating a child. It is not usual for teachers to be paid peanuts, especially in lands where salaries are not uniform. Some teachers teach in schools that they cannot afford to send their own kids to. In this case, the teacher’s strength of character is put to the test.
However, economic incentive is not the only consideration when it comes to teachers performance… training and constant training upgrade is another key factor. Today’s child needs today’s teacher. A teacher that is prepared to impart knowledge to a 21st Century bright mind.

  1. Facilities – I saw all sorts in my school tour…. I must admit schools these days are investing in appealing facilities to make learning both fun and effective.
Ranging from a well-equipped Library, IT computer lab, Science labs, Basketball court, Garden, Swimming tub, Playing field, Sick Pen, Clean Convenience rooms, colorful write ups to paintings and others.
  1. What do you want in a school? – There is almost always a particular strong area for each school. It may be academics in general, or Arts, Science, Music, Sports, Mathematics, Literary Studies or Moral discipline. Although every good school should have an impressive mark in all of the facets, but there is a particular one or two things that the school is very proud of. Try to identify these and see if it aligns with what your child’s abilities and passion are, and with your hopes for your child. Look for a school that enables your child to achieve their full potential.
  2. Do Your Part – One should have a realistic expectation from a child’s school especially in moral training. Although, these days, we pay through our nose for our kid’s education, we should not assume that the kids will learn everything they need to learn from their teachers, especially if you are a parent that desires to see your child grow up into a responsible, good – natured adult. Choose a school that embodies your family’s philosophies and ideals.
Regardless of your busy schedule, work hard to instill sound moral values into your kids…How to greet properly, honesty, generosity, sexual morals, money saving skills, household chores, hard work, respect for others, compassion, self-confidence.
Make sacrifices, even to decongest your schedule so that you can have time for the kids, and ensure that they growing up, well – rounded out.
In the true sense of it… these are what makes a child stand out and the parents stand tall….
School – Home Partnerships yields more than when it is one –sided. Which is why, your child’s school should see you ‘not as a caretaker, but as part the equation’.
Follow your instincts. You are not just a mama, you a dearmama!!!

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