A mother scolding her teen son who's rolling his eyes and ignoring her (focus on mother)
“My daughter will simply not take No for an answer, whenever she asks something, she keeps whining about it and I get afraid to say No, because if I do, she will cry till my No changes to a reluctant Yes”.
This is an unhealthy trend because if the child can easily ‘twist your arm’ and get away with anything and everything; he is being disfigured mentally and morally. Such a child will grow up to an adult, ill prepared to live in a real society where everything doesn’t go as wished.  We are in a permissive world that scorns at self-control and lauds self-gratification.
‘When you say no, be decisive. Your child is not your equal. So there is no need to argue with him as though you need him to approve your No.
Reason with your child.
Help him see that it is, because that is the right thing, not just because you have said so.


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