You Really Need to Start Saving Money

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During the first few years of my marriage, I felt so secured in my relationship that I wondered if there was any need for me to save money. My husband gave me all i needed, as i needed them…and i felt really at home with myself.
And quite frankly, I love momentarily fun, so I rather spend all I was given at any point in time to create bliss in the home, even if that meant being broke the next minute.
But soon after this, I was to face the real music of uncertainties. As civil servants, sometimes, we had to live with several months of no salaries, salary shortfall, industrial action, and so on…
So guys..that was the trigger…I realized that I needed to Buckle Up

Here are Some Reasons Why Every Woman Should Start Saving Money

These reasons apply to every mom, regardless of you are a ‘Stay – at – Home’ mom or Not
1. Saving is protective especially if you have kids. It prepares you to deal with emergency situations e.g. kids sudden illness, car breakdown, accidents, unplanned visitor, helping someone in need and others. It helps you handle unexpected bills, without losing your cool. You don’t have to go Cap in Hand, begging for small loans, each time you are having an unplanned expense, neither should you be the ‘Give me, when my husband returns home, I will pay you back, type.
Save before you spend.
2. Saving gives you self-confidence whereas borrowing (even though you are good at paying back) rubs you of your dignity. Well, except you really need to get help, but that should not be a habit.
It’s One Thing to Get out Of Debt,
It’s Yet Another to Stay out Of Debt!!
Just in case, you are in a not-very-secured marriage… save, save and save.
If your spouse is a temperamental and unpredictable kind …, save and save.
You shouldn’t be stranded at the slightest provocation, and just when he decides to throw your things out? Even as I hate to use this example, it is the sad reality in many homes.
I have seen a situation whereby the husband angrily throws the mother – in – law’s luggage outside and the wife doesn’t have even a dime to ‘secretly’ give her mum to transport her back to her own residence. Heartrending!!!
So envisage such embarrassing, painful moments and save, while you work on improving your marital relationship.
3. Sense of Accomplishment……yes, earning money is rewarding, only if you have something to show for it. If you are working and nothing to show for it….no savings, no investments, no projects…think again! Even if you are a stay – at – home mom, try to save small small money. I saved better when I was not working outside the home than now! Please don’t ask me why?
4. Saving makes you a true helper (complement) to your spouse, in that you can rescue him when he is in dire need. It increases your worth, when you have saved up something your family can fall back on, in a rainy day!
I encourage women to, by all means, ‘Stay Relevant’ in their homes.
Make your contributions, support the home, and in this context, be the Financial Rescuer (no matter how small), whenever you can.
Saving also helps you stay afloat especially if your spouse is a better spender than saver. In that way, you make up for his weakness, after all, that’s why you are a complement of him.
5. Saving money just makes it easy for you to be a woman. How do I mean? Well in my opinion, a real woman and perhaps a mother, once in a while stumbles on fine, quality stuffs for herself, her husband and the kids. Good things like butterflies perch on you when you are not expecting, and as such, may not be there when you have been given money by your husband and you are ready to shop.
But if you have money stashed away somewhere, you can buy something you really know is worth it, at your own time and later have your spouse reimburse you, if you so wish. But if you a ‘spend-as-you-earn type’ or spend-as-you-receive type’, it will be difficult.
But honestly, who is with me on this habit?
I save, alright….Then use it up for not so important expense, replace the savings ….so the savings simply stay stagnant, never grows…

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